7:13 AM

Hola everyone! 
So I have a new thing comin' Lord-willing to Saved by Grace and I need your help. SOOOOOO..... *drum roll*

I was praying about what I should do here on this blog. I feel that God is calling me to something and I wanted to know what. So then this idea came and I wanted to post and ask you lovely ladies what you thought. 
So many times I've wanted a guy's advice. This could be his opinion on bikini's, what his idea of flirting is, what he thinks about a girl wearing/not wearing makeup, etc, etc. I mean I sometimes wish I knew a good, Christian, teen guy and had the chance to ask him a question or two. Do you feel this way?
So I thought - what if there was this guy (or maybe a few) who would be willing to post on here every few weeks and answer y'all's questions? It would be a series of posts we'd do fairly often and I thought it sounded fun. What do you think? I don't know who the guys would be or if you would ask questions, so I'd be ever so grateful if you'd give your opinions. If I did this would you ask questions? Honestly - do you like the idea? 
Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing what you have to say! =) 

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