Nostalgic Pictures {A Photo and Word Post}

8:05 AM

I flipped through an "old" photo album and my eyes caught some pictures of moments I barely remembered - moments that I had always treasured as a young girl. Suddenly I want to find a time machine - not to go to the Medieval era, or the time of Little House on the Prairie, but to wiz back into my childhood. I want to go back where evenings of catching fireflies, climbing trees, and playing with dolls in the woodsy area behind our house filled my summer. Where riding in the back of my Daddy's truck through the field was one of the most fun things ever.

 I want to go fishing again in the creek behind the old two story house where we use to live - the same house where I thought for sure little orphans lived in the attic and needed me, and where mean dwarves lived under my bed (I did and still do have a big imagination). I want to spend Thanksgiving again at my great grandma's, where all the family gathered together. I want to again believe that one day I WILL visit Narnia and hug Aslan. 
I never knew I'd miss all these times. Now they're gone and there's no going back. All I have is those memories and a few pictures....

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  1. Aww. . . those pictures are adorable! :) Precious. ♥ And beautiful words, too.
    ~ S. F.


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