When You Impact One Person You Change The World

8:06 AM

Sometimes I feel that this world is so big and I am sitting here in my room so small and with little worth. How can I change the world when I am just one person? 
I was in this mood a few days ago on the way to my Aunt and Uncle's house (a three hour car drive gives you a good amount of time to just think). I know God has a plan but we've probably all had one of the following thoughts before...
• How can my prayers do anything? I'm only one person!

• How can my blog post impact  hundreds of people. I only have a few followers - not a ton like everyone else!

• Are the kids I'm teaching in Sunday school even listening?

• God, I'm only one person - how do expect me to impact anyone?

Without God the impossible probably isn't going to happen. Our blogs will go nowhere, the kids won't get impacted, and we won't help anyone. However, with God many things can happen - the impossible. People come to know Jesus, and  we can encourage and inspire by our actions and words. The thing is we have to have the right frame of mind. This is how I felt God answering my prayers in the car a few days ago (not exactly in 100% the same words but pretty much)...
"When you impact one person, you impact the world. If your blog inspires and brings one person closer to me, you encouraged the world. What does this mean? That one person may see your actions and be inspired to act. He befriends a teen at school who is not a Christian and is thinking of attempting suicide but has told no one. Because of this one Christian's kindness she does not take her own life, but begins to see Christ's love. She sees that someone cares and begins going to church with her new friend. 
Then she goes and impacts others. In the end lots of people come to know Jesus."
Of course this might not happen exactly like this, but I became very inspired from this. Our words and actions of kindness and love may seem small, and only a few people appear to be impacted but this can later mean you impacted hundreds. 

So I repeat - when you changed one person's life you change the world.We are called to be world changers - messengers for Christ. We are called to impact the lives of those around us. It may not seem like it and you may never see the benefits, but it's true.   

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  1. This is beautiful and so true! I love it, Kara. ♥
    ~ S. F.


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