A Post To Public Schoolers: Things Not To Tell a Home Schooler

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Hola readers and folks who go to public school (or even those who used to)!
 As it's the school year for many I thought this post would be perfect for right now. So to everyone who isn't home schooled.... some things not to say to us who are.... (and yes I know that "schooler" isn't a word).

1. "Since you're home schooled you probably have less work then I do."
Please. do. not. tell us this. Ever! I know you may mean nothing by saying this, but when you say it, it almost sounds like because we're home schooled we get out of doing any (or barely any) school work. This isn't true at all! For all you know we may do the exact same amount. Or maybe not. Assuming that I've never been to public school and you've never been home schooled, don't say this, because you just don't know. 

2. "Well, in public school, the schooling is hard/demanding."
This may very well be true, but then some home schooler's parents are more demanding then anyone I know! You just can't say for sure. 

3. "Home schoolers are snobs".
You're right - some are.I met a girl a while back who goes to public school. She said that every home schooled girl she'd ever met was a snob to her, and acted as if they were better because they didn't go to school. When she learned that I'm home schooled she looked really surprised. "You're the first nice home schooler I've met."  You can't group us all together and call home schoolers all snobs - that's not right. 

4. "Aren't you afraid you're going to have culture shock when you get into the real world?"
So I'm in a fake world right now? 

5. "I never want to be home schooled! I'd never get to make any friends or have a life!"
If you're home schooled it doesn't mean you have no friends or life. We just sometimes (depending on the circumstance) have to make an effort to go out and make friends. We still get together with others (some people join homeschooling groups or are part of sports teams),  and many of us know how to hang out with fellow teens (or some of us do anyway). Actually #4 is sorta true for me (when it comes to real life). I rarely am around teens, but that's just my personality. Though I do have many teen (and adult) internet friends and some real life friends as well who are amazing. And I do have a life. =)

6. "Oh you don't have a phone? That's because your home schooled right?"
No, it's my own choice. I don't want a phone. It's not because I'm home schooled - there's other reasons. 

7. "Why don't you wear makeup? Is it because you're home all the time?"
Well some of us do hang around at home a lot, but still we go shopping, see friends, go to church, and other activities.  Please don't always add, "it's because you're home schooled right?" with every question on why we do something or don't.

8. "Drugs, sex, alcohol? You probably don't know much about those 'cause you are homeschooled right?" 

We still see movies, read books, have friends, get jobs, etc. Sadly you don't have to go far to see that stuff. Also my Dad use to do a lot of wrong things in his life (including what you said in your question). He's shared his testimony with me and my siblings many times . 

9. "That's ok, you're just sheltered; there's nothing wrong with 

Just because we're home schooled doesn't mean we're sheltered. 

10. "You've never seen *insert movie title*?? Well, you are homeschooled so..." 

I've watched a LOT of movies and TV shows. Maybe I don't see as many as some but then I have few friends who go to Public School and they  don't watch a lot of movies.  
Also I have chosen not to see certain movies - R rated, ones that have lots of cursing, extreme amounts of violence, etc. It's not because "I'm homeschooled", it's because it goes against my beliefs. 

So there is 10 things not to say to a homeschooler. Now note....
I wrote this post with people who aren't homeschooled in mind, but I'm not trying to say that because I'm homeschooled I'm better then anyone else. This post is to show that we're the same (to a point of course - no two people are 100% are alike). We enjoy watching TV, hanging out with friends, listening to music, dreaming about life. Many of us probably have cellphones, are going to college, etc. 
Now as  people from public school needs to realize that, homeschoolers must realize that we're no better then public schoolers. I've met a few homeschoolers who don't seem to get that and kinda separate themselves from other kids. That's wrong. There are some amazing people who go to Public school and they're some of the strongest and most encouraging Christians I know. So we can't judge. 
What are your thoughts?

In Christ,

Pictures via my camera "Nick". Thanks to all the fellow home schoolers who helped me with this post! ♥

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4 of your thoughts

  1. Kara, this was awesome and fun to read! As a home school graduate who is living in the "real world" now I get so many of these questions and remarks ALL THE TIME! Admittedly, some of the things I have witnessed in college and the workforce have shocked me a little but ultimately I am just thankful over and over again that I was raised in a safe, secure environment. I was pretty sheltered growing up but I sure wasn't ignorant. And I have never once regretted or bemoaned being sheltered.

    You know what's funny? When a public-school kid gets thrown in with a group of homeschoolers and suddenly THEY are the ones who have not seen that movie, not heard of that artist, ignorant of the "home school world". I think in the end we only know what we know and how we were raised and we shouldn't assume that our education is the only way education works and that you can't possibly be smart and socialized if you were home schooled or vice versus.

    I like the point you made about not assuming that all home schoolers are the same. I think this also applies to kids who are educated in the public schools or in private schools. Home schoolers also need to be careful of stereotyping and building up a prejudice against people who were/are not home schooled. Thanks for some great thoughts! Good luck during your next school year!!

    Dani from A Vapor in the Wind

    1. YES exactly! A few of my public school friends have talked with some of my fellow home school friends and there is a difference between us, but still it's good to hear from both sides.
      Thanks for commenting! Sorry I was a wee slow on posting your comment.

  2. Very interesting! I was homeschooled from kindergarten up until 7th grade. And then I started public school.
    I have to say I agree with you on most of these, but not all of them.
    Public school is more demanding than homeschooling, but I do understand that it's different for each family. Public school is a wayyy different atmosphere than homeschooling. I love that I can witness and be a light to those around me. There are also some other Christian's that go to my school as well, but I miss homeschooling a lot. And I HATE when people group all homeschoolers as sheltered, have no friends, etc. because it is NOT true!
    Loved this post :)

    1. Yes, school is an amazing opportunity to share Jesus' love. That is one reason I always kinda wished I had a chance to go to school for a year. Oh well... God has a plan for everyone.
      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!


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