And I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:24 AM

Hola everyone! 
Yes I'm back and with a lot in store for y'all. I am probably the only blog in your feed though, who constantly re-evaluates her blog so much like this. This is what - twice already this summer? I think that's because I get caught up so easily with life - what others are blogging about, and then forget why I'm here in the blogging world. I have thought hard about Saved by Grace and have a bunch of posts in mind along with a little something different. So here it 'tis. 

Fandom Friday will be biweekly or maybe once a month

I'm getting a new design.

I will only be posting twice a week (probably Monday and Friday), during this school year. It may be three times (one on Saturday too or so), if I feel really inspired to do a post, but otherwise simply twice a week. It's just too busy during the fall and winter months, and especially now that I'm going to be hopefully getting a job soon (hopefully is the key word).

I'll be posting MUCH more photography on here. I miss it. 'Nuff said.

Post ideas I have down (some of then anyway...):
5 Youtubers I ♥

When are we fangirling too much?

Ten of my favorite bands live

I'm not Religious

What I Learned as a 16 Year Old

What To Do When Life Is On Pause 

My Summer in Short 

Also at the end of every month I'll be doing a review of it. For instance this August I'll do a post of songs I loved, movies I watched, books I read, pictures of what I've been doing, favorite pins of the month, etc, etc. 

So that's what I'll be doing. What do you think? I'll be back to posting some "real" posts tomorrow so be on the look out for the ones I mentioned above and more.

Have a great Monday! 

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2 of your thoughts

  1. Sounds like a great schedule, Kara. So long as you're happy with it, that's what matters. Looking forward to what you have planned. :)

  2. Yay! Those posts sound like they'll be great. :)
    ~ S. F.


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