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Hola readers! Check out a little interview I did with my friend and fellow writer S.F on Writing to Inspire here. I always love doing these with people - they're lots of fun! If you're a writer and would like to do an interview on Writing to Inspire then comment below and me and Naomi will get the arranged. 
Now here is a preview of the interview...

picture via S.F

Hola readers! Today I bring you an interview with a dear friend, blogger, and fellow writer. Her name is S.F and you can find her fangirling about the hobbit and LOTR with her sisters here  or doing more awesome posts on her main blog here. So go follow her and then read the little interview below...

When did you start taking an interest in writing? Well, I've always liked making up stories, but I didn't start really writing them down until 2 years ago.

What do you like to write? Most of my story ideas are fictitious/fantasy, though I would like to try writing non-fiction. I love writing poems.

Check out the rest on Writing to Inspire

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