Never Said {A Book Review}

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Who loves a good teenage fiction read? Can I see a few hands? OK great. So let's see if this is one of them (I've had my doubts from the beginning though)....
Never Said is the story of twins, who though they may be sisters have never been farther apart or more opposite. Annie is the pretty one - the girl at school with it all. She is popular, can have any boyfriend she wants, and is admired by lots of her peers. Sarah doesn't want that for herself - she rarely talks, enjoying the background, and is the shy one. Her family pretty much ignores her, the spotlight on the elder twin. 
Through all the the shine though, Annie has secrets - dark ones that threaten everything. But Sarah is too caught up in her own life and loss of her boyfriend to see it. When things that were usually left unsaid come into the light, will they become closer or draw apart? 

My first thought upon receiving NeverSaid in the mail was, "oh cool - it's hardcover!" The second thought was, "oh brother - it's from BLINK."
Just so you know BLINK isn't my most favorite publishing company. I've never liked any of their books (Summer by Summer as an example of my distaste), and therefore had little hope for this one, though I really wanted this read to be good. I like a good teen fiction book but rarely (if ever) find a new one to fangirl over. 
The writing style of this book is like reading a teen's journal - the words giving you a hopeless and dark feeling. Which is what the author probably wanted - it goes with the plot, and the clipped, short sentences worked very well.
 Both girls may be easy to relate to in their struggles. We tend to compare ourselves to family members - especially our sisters. It's easy to separate over disagreements and such, but NeverSaid shows us that sisters need each other no matter what, and to be there  when things get tough.
However, I felt that the character development was lacking. The story felt very rushed at times - speeding through much of the story. I also don't like the drama that usually comes with teenage fiction. The boyfriend stuff can become a little much.
 And then I expected this book to have some strong Christian themes but it really felt secular at times. 
Both teens discuss briefly if they're sexy or not, Sarah cuddles with her boyfriend in bed and later wonders if they should have had sex. Cr*p is used over five times. Adultery is mentioned but only in minor explicit detail (the character tells the story to another character). 
I truly felt that toward the end that Jesus should've been mentioned more then once. Yep, it was only mentioned one. single. time. It would have been a lovely time to mention His love and saving grace. Instead the ending just felt empty. 
I don't recommend this book really at all. It's not a bad read but not great either, and in the end what was never said hurt it a lot. 

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  1. I wish I liked this better than I had, but alas, I just didn't. Too bad, since it does have potential. On the upside, I did read it super quick which is something. ;) Sorry you didn't care for it much either. I do like Lisa T. Bergren's YA series with Blink (or book 1) and the Doon novels are entertaining.

    1. Haha I read the book in three hours and my sister Korin in one - I think that breaks records in fastest book read for both of us. ;)
      Thanks for commenting!

    2. Haha I read the book in three hours and my sister Korin in one - I think that breaks records in fastest book read for both of us. ;)
      Thanks for commenting!


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