Summer Bucket List {What I Checked Off}

8:24 AM

Hola everyone! 
It's almost the end of summer and I thought it'd be nice just to go over what I did this summer and what I marked off my Summer Bucket List.
So let's see how much I really did do of it....

Summer reading list....

The Giver, written by Lois Lowery 
I finished The Giver and loved it. 'Nuff said.

The Hounds of Baskerville, by Sir Author Canon Doyle 
I read half of it - does that count?

The Red Badge of Courage, from Stephen Crane
Really didn't like it at all.

The Scarlet Letter, from the pen of Nathaniel Nawthorne  

because Sherlock says it better then anyone

Robin Hood BBC episode one (yes, there is a book) 

No check marks for this one

The Crucible, by Arthur Miller 

I'm reading that SOON! I read it last year and thoroughly enjoyed it.  

Uncle Tom's Cabin, from the pen of Harriet Beecher Stowe 

Half way read through

Lord of the Rings trilogy (re reading it), by J.R.R Tolkien 

Crispin, from Avi 

Nope again

And now for the movies and TV... 

Merlin TV show 

OK so I'm almost finished with Season 3 - EEK! I've really started enjoying this show! Not as much as Robin Hood, Sherlock, or the like, but still I love the characters! So my thoughts to the characters for the upcoming last two episodes of three is this...
Uther when are you dying? Like seriously - Author needs to be king. Now.

Morgana, I don't like that you're the evil person in this show, but really it's nice to have an antagonist in the show who's actually lasting for more then one episode. Just don't kill Author, OK?

Merlin, you must show Author that you have magic. Don't wait for the end of season 5. Please!

Cranford and Return to Cranford TV show 

Such a cute show! I loved it so much!

Race to Freedom 

Captive Heart


Les Miserables 

So I saw this and liked it and hated it. It was overall not a favorite but I still enjoyed it, and yes, almost cried. 


One of my new favorite movies. Check. It. Out. 

The Giver 

Another new favorite

Beyond the Mask 


The Young Riders TV show 

Stopped this show sometime last spring. It just isn't the greatest thing ever made...

Re watch North and South BBC 
I did with Kailin and *sigh* 

And for writing...
I want to write other a hundred pages for my story, "When Answers Die", and  edit my first story with all the people who agreed to critique it. Thanks guys (you know who you are! ☺). 
Oh, and I now have a name for my story trilogy - "Sons and Heirs". What do you think?

Ok so the above didn't get done all the way. My editing is still in progress, but I did write over 100 words for my WIP. How I currently feel about the story I'm editing (it's going really, really, well!)....

My other goals...
To share Christ with someone

I've been praying that this can one day come true.... 

Encourage someone 
You'll have to tell me that one - did I?

Take at least one Pinterest or blogging break 
Sorta happened - like for three days. I barely go on Pinterest anymore anyway

Put everything on Ebay I need to sell
Sadly I didn't put on one single thing :P

Spend time with family more
Yep, I did. 

Swim in the river
Sadly no... I really wanted to, but rain got in the way.

Save my money and spend less
Ehh.... Weelll.... I sorta did. =) 

Go on a long hike 
Not really - once I went for like three miles 

Journal at least three times a week
Almost three times every week I did

Read through the New Testament of the Bible
This summer I felt I needed to spend time in the book of Judges and I did. 

Memorize a chapter of the Bible 
Half a chapter

Do one vlog 
I can't remember - did I?

So there, my summer bucket list. I got some stuff done and others not. Oh well... How was your summer?

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  1. Cranford is lots of fun! It'd be fun to see more from this town and the characters. :)

    1. The show truly is! I was so disappointed when found out that there was only two seasons... =)


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