What I Learned As a Sixteen Year Old

7:58 AM

My year as a sweet sixteen year old girl has slowly slipped by, and next week I will be another year. So much has happened and so much had come and gone. I've reconnected with some old friends, met new ones, and strengthened some friendships. I've watched Merlin and Sherlock (like I thought I never would). I listened to Switchfoot to my heart's content, and took up the wheel to get my license. I encouraged some people who were hurting, and and have felt so blessed to meet some amazing fangirls like myself. 
My emotions have been tossed and turned about. I questioned my faith, my life, and my walk with God. I sometimes felt unworthy. I sometimes wondered why God isn't answering and why He makes our lives so messed up. But through this I learned the true meaning of worship. For the first time raised my hands in awe of Him in a time of worship at Jesus Fest this year. I learned some of God's plan for my life. I learned to reach out to everyone - even those who see so far from the Light. I learned the meaning of The Light in the story I'm writing - which is Jesus. He's our Light, and He's Love. Without Love this world means nothing and without Jesus our world is worthless. 
I've gone out on my own more this year then I ever had. I've seen what it's like to be a Christian in a world that is falling... falling far from Hope and Truth. I've seen that worry is my companion  (click to read the post)  , and how I need to conquer it. I've learned to be content with my life as it is and NEVER EVER compare it with those around me. 
I still struggle... I still have fears... even as an almost seventeen year old those things don't go away. I mess up. I get angry. I write posts that I'm embarrassed I posted. But still I get up (with God's help) and move on. I've learned that no matter how old you get you still aren't perfect. When I was nine I would've found that hard to believe. I use to think that those things left the older you got. But they don't. 
I'm still awkward, but I'm learning to laugh at it. I'm using those times to become more humble. Everything is a learning process I suppose.
This year I've wanted to hold onto every moment and never let go. I don't want to take any minute for granted. I want to treasure the sunsets, write about the hurts, laugh with family, and dance in the rain.
Here is my sixteen year old self summed up...
• I still mess up but I'm learning to trust God
• I now see that no matter how old you are you still have a place in your heart for Narnia 
• Judging others get's you no where
• My plan isn't God's plan
• Abandon is one of the best bands ever to see live. Hands down.
• Blogging for me is one of my greatest joys
• I still want to ride a motorcycle
• I still am writing my story even after two years of starting it.... yeah... I need to motivate myself to finish it.
• Watching Merlin was OK (I'm on season 4)
• My thoughts on Sherlock are always changing
• My "sweet sixteen" wasn't always sweet 
• "Fernweh" is one word to describe my sweet sixteen year

So there... do you have any advice for me as I become another year older - a teen who will hopefully get a job soon and get out into the world a little more?

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