My Life This Fall {A Photo and Word Post}

8:27 AM

A sneak peak at a fantasy photo shoot with Korin. I will post more possibly next week!

My life this fall has been filled with school, English papers, Merlin season 5 episodes, more school (US history anyone?), teaching school (even more US history), editing my story, Lord of the Rings' soundtracks, and reading Hunger Games (more on that in a later post). I've peeled more apples for canning then I ever have, been hiking less then I wish, and taking lot's of silhouette pictures (something I've never mastered before).  

I've realized this fall  just how quickly a season passes. Summer flew by but I'm feeling that Autumn will leave much quicker. People are already talking snow and Christmas while I'm trying to soak up the cool (note: not cold) weather and target practice. If you live where I live then snow isn't always pleasant, because it can mean below zero tempts for a few days and times where you can't go anywhere. So I'm not really looking forward to winter. At all.

 I've also realized these past weeks how much I want to be thankful for each day. Last year I took time every morning to thank God for letting me live another morning. It wasn't because I felt like I'm dying soon but because I realized how much life should mean. I want to praise Him for every day, every rising sun.
I haven't been doing that enough and I want to do it more. 
So that's my life lately. What's going on in your's? What's something Gad has been teaching you?
 Also, if you have any prayer requests send them my way. I would LOVE to be praying for you!!!!

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  1. Beautiful photos--your kitten is precious. <3 And yay for US history.

    1. Thank you! The kitten is my grandma's but I wish I could claim him as mine. Sadly my cat wouldn't take too kindly to another one hanging around. And yes, yay for US history!
      Thanks for commenting and following!
      ~ Kara


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