Where I Want To Go From Here

8:40 AM

Hola everyone! 
 It's time to do what I've felt I needed to do and say what I know needs said. So that's what I'm planning on doing here in this post. 
I've felt God speaking to me a long time on certain things concerning my adult life, things I really haven't told anyone because I wanted to make sure I just wasn't hearing my own voice in my head. I know I needed to write a blog post about it now so I am. ☺
For as long as I can remember (probably from the age of eleven), I knew this is what I wanted to do when I grew up...

• do lots of hunting and camping (I'm a country girl through and through ;)
• adopt and foster teens and kids
• help teens and kids living on the streets

I never stopped wanting to do the above. Ever. If you'd be a fly on the wall when me and my sister Korin were playing dolls you'd have seen it for sure! I constantly "rescued" orphans from the attic or we'd take dolls around the yard and "find" family's to adopt them. I wanted to make sure everyone had a home. Make sure everyone was loved. That dream has never died. 
I've prayed long and hard about what I want to do and I feel God saying this...
"don't go to college - not yet at least." I'm pretty sure I will take online classes later on and I'm pretty sure I will major in something like Criminal Justice: Youth Corrections. Now grant it I don't know 100% but as of now that's where I'm feeling led.
In the mean time I'll Lord-willing be graduating December or so of
next year, and from there I someday want to go on a missions trip somewhere in the US (preferably LA) where I could reach people on the streets. This would be a perfect opportunity for me to get a taste of what I feel God has called!
I also would like to interact with kids in schools. I don't know how but this has always been something I've wanted to do. When I was like 12 I wanted to go to school so I'd get a chance to interact with nonChristians and share God's love. It never happened and I'm still home schooled, but I'd love to see how God could work it out sometime in the future where I'd get a chance to be involved in the school system (and I don't think a teacher is it, just in case you were wondering, but then you never know I suppose...). 
Another thing - I want to volunteer in my community. I feel that here is where I belong and here is where God has called me to reach. I want to be a a part of this place where I live and in the very near future I'd love to volunteer somewhere - meet some people, help out, etc.
I also want to be involved in helping with youth group if that ever comes about in church, and I feel God wants me to eventually (when we get enough tween/teen girls at church) to do a Bible study or something. I don't know... something in the youth ministry is another area I just feel called. I love kids and I'd love to be a part of the youth group, and I'd love helping with activities!!!

Most of my dreams (like reaching out to kids and teens on the streets) will probably be fulfilled when I'm one day married. Things like adopting can be done as a single but as of now I don't feel God calling me to that.
I feel Him saying to right now meet those around where I live, to continue to homeschool my siblings, and be involved in things at church.
He's also given me a love for traveling, road trips, and writing. Both things I want to do as much as possible as a single young lady. I plan on next summer seeing far away friends and one day I want to go on a big road trip... I guess we'll see.

So that's about the rundown of where I feel God is leading. It's a lot when you look over it - a lot of things I feel called to. I don't feel they'll happen all at once. Some may not even be fulfilled until I'm in my 30s or 40s or maybe later, and some may be in just a matter of months. I think technically I'm overall called to things that have to do with the youth. Exactly, 100%, what? I don't know. Maybe it'll even be something that combines everything I've mentioned at once! Who knows except God, right?
I know one thing - the path won't be easy and there is still a lot of questions I'm waiting for answers for. God will answer them in His time though, and for now I'm content to simply wait. 

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  1. You're such a great example of following God's plan for your life! ♥
    Love ~ S. F.


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