My Jumbled Thoughts About the Hunger Games Books

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 I read The Hunger Games books just over this past few weeks.  Let's just say it was neither planned nor were the books how I expected. I don't know exactly what I thought the series would be like, but it was a lot different then I assumed. That was both good and bad.
 Personally you will probably not like my post if you are a fan (you've been warned). 
So here we go... my thoughts on the Hunger Games books.

If you know nothing about the Hunger Games to sum it up it takes place in North America (probably somewhere in Virginia or West Virginia), the government is corrupt, and they have something called the Hunger Games (hence the title). The Hunger Games is where in each district two people (both a girl and a boy) are chosen to fight to the death in an arena. This fight is shown on TVs all over the districts and in the capital, and know - there is only one victor. Only one will survive. 

And if you want to watch the movie trailer because I like it better then my description....

A pro.....
Now here come those jumbled thoughts I've warned you about in the title. First of all let me just say that the author (Suzanne Collins) is an amazing writer. Her writing style pulls you in so quickly and doesn't let go. Ever. Every chapter captured me and I didn't want to pull away. Yet I did because I wasn't too fond of everything. But I couldn't. Well I probably could have but you readers probably know what I'm talking about. ☺

A con....
That being said Katniss (to me) is selfish. Many readers I know were either on team Gale or team Peeta. Let's just say I'm
on neither. Katniss never seems to decide which she loves and plays with both of them to her advantage. I get that during the games she needed to play she loved Peeta. It ended up saving both their lives. However then she goes home and stills wants Gale to act like nothing has happened and then they kiss, and it's like, make up your mind girl! I think to strengthen the plot and the characters, Collins needed Katniss to choose between either of the two guys long before the end.  As it went, both guys ended up hurting and confused because she couldn't make up her mind. This made me mad at Katniss.

The plot. I loved the whole plot of the story! Teenage girl goes against corrupt government, defying the capital and makes a difference for the good. She's not perfect and no one else is either. That's great! This always captured my attention from the beginning. I love those type of stories where one person takes a stand and does what she or he believes is right (it's why I loved The Giver). So I love the whole thought behind the story and the heart if it was good. 

The character development was lacking for me. In the end I felt we should have gotten to know Gale and Peeta more. Because Katniss is telling the story this became a problem. We never see the guys' thoughts and I wish I could have. Maybe that's why I'm not on team Peeta or team Gale - I don't know the characters too well.

The Hunger Games makes you think. As I said earlier the whole thought behind the story is good. Very good.
Suzanne Collins gives us a pretty clear picture of a corrupt government and that we can't let that happen. I like those types of stories and I like when a story has purpose.

The killing. That alone can make you say no thank you. It wasn't terribly violent in description but somehow enough to make you wince. Melting flesh, blood, shooting in the head, coughing up blood, etc. Pretty gruesome stuff. It didn't help that in the second
book they go RIGHT back to the Games. I was looking for more rebellion in the second book - it didn't happen fast enough for me!  I didn't want to go through more killing. This came as a huge disappointment. I just wanted to get to the part where they go to district 13 (like in the last book). 

So overall I have mixed thoughts about this series. The books were OK and the characters OK. I did enjoy the books yet I didn't. They held onto me the entire time (which was nice), yet I thought it could have been better. The author has an AMAZING writing style though, so I can see what draws people in and the plot is different. There is a lot of questions to raise and this isn't a horrible series. 
The language is clean most of the time. H*ll is used a few times throughout all three books and Katniss sleeps in the same bed as Peeta. Sleep is it. That's all they do. Which is clean (I suppose) but still not right. What made it confusing was that Katniss saw it as a comfort because of her nightmares (to have a friend close by) - not as sleeping beside a guy she loved. Peeta saw it different though....
Something to consider is that Christian books I've read have done similar things - guy and girl sleep in same bed for reasons other then that they're in love (and they're not married). Not saying it's right (it's not), but I'm saying more then one series has done this.
I don't know how the movies are but I didn't particularly love the books. I wouldn't necessarily recommend them either.
 Again, I love the plot and I actually liked the last book pretty well. It's what I wanted the whole series to be like (plus Peeta wasn't in the beginning so you didn't get the conflicting teen emotions). 
But then I didn't like the ending - I thought there'd be more triumph, more victory, more love coming in the end because the capital had at last been overthrown.
I think I'll stick with reading the Giver quartet. I liked it better.  
What did you think of the series The Hunger Games

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  1. Interesting post! Personally, I'm a huge Hunger Games fan, but I can see where you're coming from with disliking it. The violence does get pretty gruesome.

    I'd disagree about the character development for Peeta and Gale, though. In fact, the characters are what I love most about the series. We didn't get to know the boys as intimately as we knew Katniss, but I feel like, through their words and actions, we got to learn a lot about who they were.

    But to each reader their own opinion. Again, nice, well-thought-out post! :)


    1. Their words and actions did say a lot and you may very well be right. It could have been that perhaps I already disliked some of the stuff in Hunger Games (along with a few spoilers from Pinterest) so I had a hard time getting to know the characters. What did you think of the movies?
      Thanks so much for commenting your opinions - I love seeing other folks thoughts.

    2. I loved the movies. I think they're some of the few book-to-movie films that actually do the book justice.

      No problem! Thanks for sharing yours. :)

  2. I have to admit, I completely agree with you on most of this--the series was definitely a page turner, but it also left me feeling hollow and empty because it was devoid of the morals and of the character qualities I value. The only place where my opinion differs from yours is that I actually liked the first two better than the third. Great job on this post!

    1. Thanks for commenting Christine! I always love reading what you have to say. =) It' nice to know I'm not the only person who isn't a Hunger Games fan, and not because of the writing style either but because of the morals.
      Thanks again!


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