The "Secret" Behind Why I Like Suspense Novels

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Hola everyone!
 If you know me then you know that I am a huge fan of suspense novels, particularly Lynette Eason, Lisa Harris, and the like. I also enjoy fangirling over Sherlock, and I've tried the UP TV show Ties that Bind simply because it was a cop type series. 
I didn't get into this type of genre until about four years ago (I think I was 13), when I started picking up different suspense books at the library to see what they were all about. None of my family members enjoy reading this type of thing so I was a little hesitant about trying them.
Some of the books I discovered as a young teen were a little much, consisting of horrible villains murdering little old ladies in the nursing home.... yeah not exactly what I go for now haha. I stuck with Sherlock Holmes from Author Conan Doyle (which was nicer!). 
Anyway, there is one huge reason why I think I love reading/watching mysteries and suspense. For as long as I can remember I wanted to work for the FBI, police force, be a detective, look for missing people, or that type of thing. The thought of helping others make me crave it so much!
Watching Courageous made me want to do it even more. I become obsessed with suspense novels and mysteries. They were my ticket to learning something I wanted to do so badly.
I kept my thoughts mainly to myself however, though I did voice it to my Dad once two years ago. He said what I thought he would, "I don't want you to choose that." 
Then  I prayed about it because I wanted to know what God wanted,  but His answer came pretty quickly as well: "I'm calling you to something else Kara."
I was bummed for awhile. Being a cop was my dream - I think it still is. I would love to be able to go out and help/save those who need it, rescue those in trouble. I highly respect the police force and wanted to be a part of what they do.

 It isn't my calling though. I've had so many hopes and dreams, and each one has had to do with helping those in difficult situations. I think I'm OK with God's reply to my questioning however. 
He knows best - He always does. So for now I will just read lots of Lynette Eason and stick with some decent crime shows. It's the next best thing! ;) 

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  1. Neat story, Kara. I love crime drama shows and books, and like you have tremendous respect and appreciation for those who protect and serve. Thanks for sharing a peek into your dreams... and you never know. Maybe someday, you'll be doing something that's closer to your dream than you thought. :)

    1. Those who protect and serve are the best! My cousin is a deputy sheriff and it means a lot to know that there are those who appreciate their dedication! =)
      I really hope so! I'd love to be able to protect and serve those around me, and if it means not being a police officer or the like but something similar I'd be very happy!
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. You look so epic shooting that gun! ;)

    1. Thank you! I wish you could have been there to shoot with me and my family. =)


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