Where To Go From Here |A Poem|

8:14 AM

God now is the time where I'm stuck and I don't know what to do
I'm finding that more and more I need to depend on you
The paths in life are so foggy and unclear
Looking around I see that there is so much that I fear
I'm growing up and know that it's time to move on
I'm in a bind because I need to know where and there's so many            directions I can choose from here
I want to be a deer, seemingly free from fear
Most importantly I want to sense that you are drawing me near

Growing ups is so much harder then I thought, and I'm beginning          to learn that the good things in life can't be bought

God, again I pray, tell me what to do
Show me who you want me to be and which path you wish me to             take
I am at last beginning to be ready to take a leap of faith


I'm a poet by no means, but the poems I do pen come from deep in my heart. They are usually me crying out to God, praying that He shows me the way. They're all very personal, but I still enjoy sharing them with y'all. This one is my most recent.
Have a blessed weekend readers!

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2 of your thoughts

  1. It is beautiful... your words, your heart cry to Him... it's beautiful. Thank you for being brave & sharing a piece with the world.

    1. Hola Bess! Thank you for your sweet words! Your comments always make my day. ♥
      Have a blessed day!


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