12 Days of Thanksgiving {With Pictures}

8:08 AM

Thank you lovely S.F for tagging me for the 12 Days of Thanksgiving tag!

1. List 12 things that you are grateful for
2. Tag as many bloggers as you want, making sure to tell them of their nomination. 

1, Toffee Coffee Creamer (sooo good!!!)

2. The fact that When Calls the Heart Season 2 came out in a dvd box set and SOON I can watch it!

3. Getting my license - I am now an official driver!!!!

4. BookLOOK and allowing me to post reviews to my heart's desire

5. The smile of a little child

6. Free worship concerts

7. BBC and their heart-breaking TV shows

8. Blenders (so I can have as many smoothies as I want)

9. Home schooling

10. Warm slippers

11. Loonnggg letters from a pen pal (you know who you are!!! ☺)

12. Funny GIFs that make your day

And I tag anyone who wants to join in and also my sister Korin - check out her blog y'all!

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3 of your thoughts

  1. Thanks for doing it, Kara! :)

  2. Congratulations on getting your driver's license Kara! I just got mine earlier this year (compared to most people I'm a few years late) and it was an interesting experience. 9-- You're home schooled? Neat! I was home schooled all of my life and loved it! 10--Can't do without those this winter! Mine are just about permanently attached to my feet! ;) 11--I love letters from the few friends I still have time to write. It's like getting a piece of them!
    I had fun reading this tag!

    1. Thank you, I've had it for a bit now but in a way driving on my own still feels new. =)
      Yes, and I love it too! I'm in my last year and a little sad to be leaving the home schooling world, though I have to remind myself that I will still be teaching my little siblings so technically I'm not officially leaving.
      Lovely hearing from you. =)


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