Critique Partner/Editor anyone?

8:16 AM

Hola readers!
I had a few people critiquing my story/editing and I wondered if you'd like to? I'd love someone who's somewhat of a grammar nazi, enjoys stories over 200 pages, and Christian young adult fantasy (think a LOTR, Robin Hoodish, Merliny, type book).
Here is a link to a post I did with clips of the story....
HERE (Note: story is now called "When Evil Reigns")
The Pinterest board to my story...
If you want to edit then comment below with your e-mail (it will not be published), e-mail me @ or IM me on google+ or Pinterest. I will reply ASAP! If you want to critique you can do grammar, characters/descriptions, etc and in return I will critique your story if you want. ☺
So what say you?
I'm currently unable to go online (this is a scheduled post), but I will see if anyone replied sometime next week. Thanks bunches y'all!

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