The Shock of Night {A Review}

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Title: The Shock of Night
Author: Patrick W. Carr
Publisher: Bethany
Release Date: 2015
My rating: 3 Stars ***

When a man is brutally murdered with a moon shaped wound, Willet Reeve is called to investigate and question the dying man's companion, a priest. As he begins to question the priest, the man grabs Willet and screams in a foreign language. Then he dies and Willet has no idea what just happened.
Suddenly however, a strange thing begins to happen to him. Every time Willet touches someone he finds that he delves deep into their mind, seeing their thoughts, feeling what they feel, knowing their past. He's been given the rarest gift and he doesn't know what to do with it.
Willet must pursue the murderer as well as fight his own battles and remember how he escaped the Darkwater.
I was excited to try out this book because it looked promising, and since I'm a huge fantasy fan I wanted something long and good to to read.
First off: I've never read anything by Patrick W. Carr, and second, this book didn't thrust me into the story as quickly as I hoped it would.
The names are confusing ranging from Ahden, Branna, Andler, etc in just the first five chapters. If you know me then you know that I love Lord of the Rings and should be use to strange names (and I am), but there was too much strange city, country, and people names to register in my brain all at once so soon into the book.
Carr's writing is fairly easy to follow however, the plot is complex, and it is a good story. You never know what to expect.
Bolt (Willet's bodyguard and later friend) was one of my favorite characters and I suppose Willet was someone to relate too.

The delving also reminded me of Sherlock. Think Mind Palace as he can look into his mind and unlock things. That's, in a way, Reeve. Interesting enough and a bit strange to read about it though.
One thing that made me angry however - there is no redemption, no mention of God's kingdom, no Christian parallels. It was all pretty much depressing. Plus even though there is no cursing Willet is always supposedly cursing - through much of the book actually. I don't like it when a main character is always said to be angry and cursing.
Overall I will say this book was fine and one that was filled with twists and turns that led to nothing more then a fun read for your week.

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