A Bucket List Check Off

8:01 AM

Four years ago or so I created a bucket list that I was sure would take forever to check off. Many things seemed so far away to be able to happen, but as I found this year, 2015 flew by waayyy too fast and so did the past four years.
Going back over the bucket list I forgot I had made when I was thirteen, I realized how much I'd done.
Let's go over it shall we and see what has changed since I was thirteen....

1. Be in two different states at once

2.  smash a pie in someone's face (just for fun not be mean!)

3.  star in a movie (What was I thinking?! Me?! Starring in a movie?!!! Ehh... no. Thoughts change the older you get...)

4. Learn how to do a cartwheel(tried last year and fell)

5. Have a pet bunny

6. dance in the rain (This can be a fun thing to do! I firmly believe that there is a piece of you as a child that never leaves no matter how old you get, and that it's in no way immature to go back a bit and be that child.)

7. watch a meteor shower (8th grade - probably soon after I did the bucket list)

8. surf

9. Let my hair grow out (It has went from only to my ears back in 7th grade to now to my shoulders and I love it!)

10. learn to play an instrument (piano)

11. dip dye my hair (still trying to gather up my courage)

12. Go to a for real concert (First one ever - Abandon)

13. speak a language fluently (Sorta there - 59% there)

14. write a novel (When Evil Reigns)

15. rope swing into the water (so fun!)

16. put a message in a bottle

17.  own the dog I always wanted

18. create a secret family recipe

19. visit ground zero

^Alyssa's sister Sarah is on my back here

20. spend a weekend with my BFF (Alyssa!!!!! It was a week but I will count it)

21. go to Disney World

22. build a tree house

23. Go on a mission trip

24.  Got to FL

25. meet a singer like Toby Mac or Jamie Grace (Met Abandon)

26. sleep on the beach

27. walk through a field at night (and took lot's of pictures)

28. swim with dolphins

30. visit a castle

31.  own a photography blog

32. publish a book

33. walk in the woods early in the morning (one of my favorite hikes ever)

34.  Learn how to drive a car (check)

35.  buy something on Etsy (Arwen's necklace. Technically I didn't buy it because my grandma needed help but for me it counts. ☺) 

36.  take pictures at a wedding (took pictures yes, hired to do it no. I just took pictures. End of story.)

37.     have 40 followers on Saved by Grace

38. win a photography contest on a blog

39. get a job

40. lead someone to Christ

41.   babysit someone other then my siblings (... my cousins)

42. become a trail guide on Wonderzone.com

43.  someone ask me to do a guest post on their blog

44.  meet all my online friend's

45. do a vintage photo shoot and actually like the pics I took

46.  watch October Baby

47. own the Soul Surfer Movie

48. Read the whole Sierra Jensen series

49.   pet a panda

50.  have a sleepover

51. try nutella

52. Ride a horse without someone leading it

53.  Go Hunting (just this year we did it)

54.  own a VW

55.  Leave a note in a Library book

#56 Donate my hair to locks of love

#57 be a bridesmaid 

I can't believe how much I do have checked off of the list! I was so young when I came up with 57 things I wanted to get done, and I have quite a bit accomplished - more then I probably thought I would.
Times do change, things that you imagined doing don't happen or if they do they happen differently. 
Life goes by so fast, and I kinda went down memory lane reading old blog posts I did.
For fun here is a few extra to add to my list...
58. Meet Naomi 
59. Own a better camera
60. Foster children
61. Meet an actor
62. Volunteer somewhere in my city
63. Watch a science fiction movie or show
What is on your bucket list (or like me you forgot you even made one)?

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  1. Those are some great bucket list ideas! I'm curious what type of note you left in a library book? I think if I tried that at my library the workers would probably find it. They check through the books when they are returned fairly often.

    1. I can't remember for sure since I left the note so long ago but I think the note said "hope you enjoy the book as much as I did." The workers may have taken it out - who knows but it was fun doing it. =)
      Thanks for commenting Lydia!

  2. very cute photo


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