Eight Books That (Hands Down) Should Be A Movie or TV Show

8:16 AM

1. Son from Lois Lowry
This.Book. The Giver held something I loved - it taught me to look at the world through a whole different lens (as did the movie). I don't see this book coming into theaters or on DVD in the near future, but it totally should.

2. Christy Miller from Robin Jones Gunn
If you haven't read this series ladies and girls then do it for me! I've cried, laughed, been up-lifted and encouraged. Christy Miller is a forever friend in the book world, and I can't explain it other then something God could do through Ms. Gunn. This series is one of the best in the world, and seeing it as a TV show would be incredible (they want to make it one now but so far nothing is coming of it).

3. A Tale of Two Cities from Charles Dickens
Love the book, haven't found a movie of it yet that held everything I hoped it'd be. The one in the 80s was pretty good, and I loved it to a point, but it'd be nice to see a newer version from BBC. A mini series perhaps?

4. Made to Last from Melissa Tagg
I first came to love contemporary fiction from winning this book on a blog giveaway, and I have to say any of Melissa Tagg's books are sure to please. To see this in a Hallmark movie would be amazing! I'd drive to my grandparents (who are the only ones I know with cable), and watch it without thinking twice. Blake cracked me up, and everything was amazing and heart-warming!

5. The Silver Chair from C.S Lewis
WHERE IS THIS MOVIE?!!!!? I keep seeing that it will come out "soon" but it's becoming BBC's "soon". Not soon enough!

6. Once Upon a Prince from Rachel Hauk
Give me a Hallmark movie from this book and I'd be one happy girl. Another amazing contemporary read, that even my Mom (who has yet to read many contemporary books and prefers westerns), loved and enjoyed. We both agreed that this should be a movie!

7. The Healers Apprentice from Melanie Dickerson
I'm looking for a good, real-people, medieval fantasy movie. So far, nothing, Actually all Ms. Dickerson's fantasy books from this series would make a fun TV show - maybe like Once Upon a Time (which I have yet to jump onto that fandom train because it seemed to ridiculous in my humble opinion)?

8. Shenandoah Sisters series from Michael Philips
Hand me the pop corn and make this series a movie series or trilogy! My Mom sat down with me and my little sister Korin when I was eleven and read us the books. All three of us had a lot of fun spending time together and with the characters, and these are still some of the best books in the historical fiction genre I've read yet.

And because I enjoy weird lists with unusual numbers (people seem to want to stop at ten), we'll end with that.
These books I listed are many ones that have been on my shelf since before I was a teenager and others have made it just a few years ago. None the less you are looking at some of my favorite reads - reads that should obviously be shown on TV! I'm dying to see another Narnia feature (The Voyage makes me cry), and Christy Miller would be so much fun to watch on UP!
So what books would you like to see come to the big screen? What about a new TV show?
Oh and here is a TV series that needs to do better if it's following the book...

When Calls the Heart
Come on Michael Landon Jr,!

The Canadian West Saga was beautiful and I loved it! If Jack and Elizabeth do not follow the same journey as they do in the saga, I will be severely disappointed!!!! When are they getting married? When will they go north together? When will they meet Indians? Adopt a son?
Come on TV show - I love you but please follow the books!

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5 of your thoughts

  1. Great list! I'd definitely love to see Rachel Hauck's or Melissa Tagg's novels become films. Especially Hallmarks where they'd really fit in perfectly. :)

    1. Thank you very much Rissi!
      Both Authors' books would fit in wonderfully - I agree!!! I felt that the minute I began reading, and I think it's one reason I loved the characters so much. =)

  2. I agree with many of these! Son--Yes! I like that book and could totally see it as a good movie! A Tale of Two Cities--I'm the same way. I've seen a version or two but not one that I ever felt quite did the book justice. I'd also enjoy a movie from The Healer's Apprentice. That was my favorite of Dickerson's books. And of course, The Silver Chair. They've been promising that for years. :(

    1. Yes "Son" would be an amazing movie! I was to the point of tears by the time I'd finished The Giver Quartet and it was a such a beautiful ending and very satisfying! It also showed that young adult fiction can go without lot's of romance.
      Ahh Yes - where is the Silver Chair?! I feel like it's been years since the Voyage came out! I told my Mom that I will be married with ten kids by the time the movie comes out haha.

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