The Comback from Louie Giglio

8:19 AM

Release date: 2015
Author: Louie Giglio
Publisher: Passion Publishing and Thomas Nelson
Pages: 226

We all need a comeback at least once in our lives. We will fall, we will mess up and make mistakes, and life can feel like it's crashing down on top of us. The great thing is Jesus gives us the comeback we need, no matter what we've done, who we are, or how long we've been wandering in the wilderness, there is a hope.
Each comeback is different, each person with his or her own story, and Louie Giglio takes us on that journey, because God is the God of the comeback.
Honestly this book, the stories, the encouragement are for me at this moment. I felt I needed this book when I saw it for free on BookLook, and I made no mistake. Louie Giglio is one of my favorite pastors, and now one of my favorite authors.
I heard pieces of his message talking about comebacks on air1, and they encouraged me so much.
Mr. Giglio writes out a powerful message that each one of us needs to hear, one of hope for our future. He uses stories from his life and the Bible to illustrate what a comeback looks like.
He takes us on a journey talking about being filled with the love of Jesus, God is enough, healing, it never being too late and you're never too far.  And the author also realizes that each comeback story doesn't always end happily. Sometimes the dark road continues and we don't see the bigger picture, but that doesn't mean God isn't working. No matter what, He never, ever, leaves us.
These are things we all need to hear!
Honestly, (and I'll say it again), this book was for me. I've been struggling lately with what God wants me to do and everything I try seems to fail, but God is right there to pick me up, to direct me right on the path where he wants me.
This book I HIGHLY recommend to anyone - no matter where you are in life. Both teens and adults will enjoy this book as well as the message. This isn't one to be missed!

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