What Happens When We Say Yes (A Post About Mary, The Mother of Jesus {Part 1}

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I've seen the birth of Jesus played in movies (both BBC and other versions), and each one has its own idea on how Mary felt, her age, etc, etc. While we don't know any details about her life, I've been really thinking about her.
I think we've become numb a bit to what Mary faced, what kind of girl she must have been...

What would it be like to know that you were carrying a Son who was coming from God himself, and for many to not believe you? What would it be like to try and explain to your family that even though you've never slept with a man, you were pregnant? Imagine the whispers Mary surely heard as she walked down the street, getting chores done and going through her daily routine. What people must have thought of her! What her friends must have said, the things they probably accused her of! 
Mary knew she would go through this when Gabriel came to her with the news, and this teenage girl (who could have been as young as thirteen!), still had the courage to say "yes" AND glorify the Lord (we have her song in the Bible to prove it).
She was willing to trust God and risk even death (because she was engaged to be married and from the world's eyes have been with a man, was likely to be stoned). 
Not only that but imagine what and how she must have told Joseph! I'm sure this was no easy task! We don't know for sure if Mary and Joseph were in love or not (arranged marriages were common), but pretend they were very much in love - imagine telling your fiance that you were pregnant - and certainly not with his child.
You'd see the disappointment in his eyes, the mistrust, and maybe anger.  
I'm sure Joseph was crushed to say the least, but later he had the courage to not divorce her and to trust God to trust her.

What faith in God, Mary must have had. She seems like the kind of girl I want to have for a friend - the kind of girl I want to be in my own life. Mary's little "yes" became a world-changer. This simple teenager changed everything for us. It saved the world.
Now I know Jesus could've come other ways, but think about it - one girl helped change the world. It was through her! This just proves what we can do when we place our trust not in ourselves or what we can get out of it, but what God has in store for our lives.
Would I have had the courage to say yes if I'd been in Mary's place? Would you have? Knowing what you faced would you have had the faith in God?
That is something to consider this Christmas season!

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