A Worthy Heart {A Book Review}

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A Worthy Heart from Susan Anne Mason
Publisher: Bethany House
Publication date: 2016
Pages: 392

Maggie arrives in America with her brother Rylan hoping to escape Niell and his unwanted attentions. He won't leave her alone back home, and she prays he won't be able to find her here in the States.
While visiting Irish Meadows, Maggie meets a man she takes as a stable hand. However, he's really the son of a very wealthy man and running from his past. He's been in prison for crimes he deeply regrets and doesn't feel worthy of anyone's attentions.
But even when Maggie's brothers demand she leaves him alone she can't seem to forget the handsome man, and despite warnings from everyone, Adam feels himself falling in love with her. This isn't part of his plans though, and he doesn't want his love to taint her forever.
This is a very intriguing story! I loved the sweetness of Maggie and how she doesn't reject Adam despite his past. It was a refreshing breath of air. However, many people do reject Adam and it's a long road for him throughout the book.
We see how sin has consequences, but also how the power of Jesus' love can heal even the most rebellious heart.
There's many plot twists and turns, and I loved the story because of the many obstacles thrown up in Maggie and Adam's love story. The cliche love triangle worked in this one because there wasn't really any love on Maggie's part for Niell at all, and I constantly felt for poor Adam who is looked at for what he use to be - not what he became after his long sentence in prison.
Forgiveness and redemption is strong story themes and the plot flowed flawlessly.
There is one factor in the story I want to talk about though. Ms. Mason's descriptions are a bit unusual like, "shadow of sadness drift across her features," "a spasm of sadness tugged at Maggie's heart," "Colleen snagged her with a piercing look," and a few others that were clumped together that made my mind leave the story for a second and go to the elaborate descriptions.
Otherwise, the story was beautiful, the romance sweet, and it is a really good book based in 1914! I enjoyed pretty much everything about it - a lot, and would recommend it to fans of the historical genre who want a book that inspires!

Thanks to Bethany House for this free book in exchange for my honest opinion! You guys rock!

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  1. I love a good historical fiction book! And it sounds like the romance was done very well in this one!

    1. It was done very, very, well! At first I wasn't a fan of the writing style but once I got use to it this became one of my favorite historical fiction books!


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