Getting Away {A Photo + Word Post}

7:59 AM

It's so easy at times to doubt  if there is even a God. When you get so caught up in daily life, the hectic days of home schooling, babysitting, the sickness and chaos in the world, and just when your day feels utterly depressing and your life meaningless, it's easy to forget why I'm even here.
I get this way at times.
 I have recently.
This usually happens in the winter when the days drag by and I have too much time to think, or when life seems especially busy and I neglect my Bible reading.
It's times like these I take a deep breath and go outside. It's what I miss in the winter when below zero tempts. keep my inside - the fresh air, the mountains, the birds, the sun. It's times like these when I go for a walk alone that I really and truly can reconnect with God. When I'm out in His creation, away from the noise of eight people living under one roof, do I really feel this re-connection and can again feel His presence. I know He's everywhere, even when I'm studying in my room or playing checkers with my littlest sister, but sometimes it's best to just get away and pray.
Usually I get my camera (this time my Mom's), and just take pictures at random, and in between the click of the camera I pray. I ask for guidance and I pour out my heart to Him.
No one else is daring to venture outside, and so regardless if the pictures are any good I keep snapping and praying.
It''s just me, my God, and my Mom's camera. And it's amazing. It's quiet. It's a time of soul-searching and reflecting.
It's so silent and such a perfect moment - even if the battery of the camera is dying, my feet are ice blocks and the wind is chilly. It feels perfect. Right.
When life get's busiest I go by myself in nature and I pray. It's not always easy but it's worth it. It's needed.
I can't let the hectic life of mine keep me from spending some of the most precious time with God. I can't let it happen, even though getting that peace and quiet can be one of the most hardest things to do.
Sometimes it means going out alone in the cold.
And praying.
And it's worth it.

Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. Jeremiah 29:12

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