Life is Beautiful {A Book Review and Giveaway}

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Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publishing Date: 2015
Author: Sarah M. Johnson
Pages: 198
Stars: Three and a half stars

Sarah's life was changed forever when the plane carrying her, her parents and brother crashed, killing everyone but Sarah and her Mom, but still leaving her mother seriously injured.
Life is Beautiful is written by Sarah, as she shares the story of how she overcame her struggles with alcohol and depression. She also goes back and forth from before and after the crash, telling her own father's story about his recovery from drug use, and how he wanted to do missions work in Africa.
Life is Beautiful really is a beautiful story about how we can overcome much in our lives, no matter how painful. Sarah is utterly honest with this without being explicit and the writing is fairly good.
I've taken the time to read more autobiographies and memoirs of late, mainly Christian ones. I expect a lot from them. They can be at times boring, and this one wasn't - not at all.
You get to know the author and feel her struggles, seeing how she climbed back up after hitting rock bottom. The pictures were a nice added touch as well, which is something I also enjoy seeing in books that aren't fiction.
With all it's good points Life is Beautiful left me with more questions at the end that I'm sure a few people will have as well. Why in the book did Ms. Sarah not talk about how you become a Christian? And another thing - God wasn't mentioned a whole lot throughout Life is Beautiful. Why?!  I wanted more of her spiritual journey! I find this very important, because I felt it should be the focus of the story and it didn't feel like it - to me anyway.
I saw a lot of reviews where people said otherwise, but still I found how she became a Christian sadly lacking in description. I think readers need to see more of that and we don't.
Other then that the book was decently good. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to see how God can heal and how He works with a purpose. It could've been displayed more but we still saw glimpses.

And you guys can get a chance to win an e-book copy of Life is Beautiful for yourself and see if you agree with me! The company is letting me do this giveaway for free and how can anyone resist a giveaway, right?!
To enter simply comment below and tell me your favorite book (because I love seeing that =), as well as your e-mail (the comment won't be published).
Deadline is January 15th when the winner will be announced! 

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