The Abominable Bride {A Movie Review}

8:42 AM

What would it be like if the show Sherlock had been thrown into Victorian times - the rightful period that the author intended? What if cell phones, blogs, and all that were absolute in Sherlock and Dr. Watson's world?
The Abominable Bride attempts to show us this, throwing us on a ride we never saw coming. When a lady who apparently committed suicide is seen walking around England, then kills her husband, afterward going out for more victims, what is Sherlock to do but take the case?
Time is ticking, and a man will die if they do not solve the case in time, but something else lurks deep in his mind. Moriarty may have died, but to Sherlock he's still very much alive.

I was so wanting to see this Sherlock special, having missed it on PBS. My Mom was ever so wonderful and bought it on DVD for me and her and Korin to watch together last night.
I eagerly looked forward to see what would be done in the special episode that is supposed to help us with the hiatus of season 4 in around 2017.
This movie however, is very complex indeed, and please do not watch it if you haven't see the show - you'll be confused. But then again, you'll probably be confused either way.
Anyhow, back to the review.
 Sherlock himself hasn't really changed - even if the time period has. We get off to a good start for the first half hour, forty minutes, with laughs, some deep mystery elements and just good old fun that is at the heart of the series. The sign language scene with Sherlock, Watson and a deaf man was just hilarious and I really enjoyed myself... Also just the friendship between John and Sherlock is so much fun in this episode/movie or the entire show for that matter!
Until of course things began to get strange.
I was terribly confused the rest of the film as we are suddenly thrown between modern and Victorian times, dreaming and waking and then the waking became dreaming. WAS HE AWAKE OR ASLEEP?
Also the story from Author Conan Doyle The Five Orange Pips was thrown in - minus the Klu Klux Klan, (and spoiler), in the movie it's really a bunch of women who are tired of men taking advantage of them.
We were dragged through a way too long conversation between Moriarty and Sherlock (twice) that began to feel as pointless (and at times inappropriate) as the movie. The random falls scene maybe was a little significant to season 4 but still rather long.

I was left with questions still pondered - was the mystery an analogy to the suffragettes in the 1900s, or was it a heads up to how the villian Moriarty survives the fall in season 2? Or was the movie supposed to be opposite everything the show so far is, (Sherlock addicted to drugs never showed in the TV show, and Mycroft certainly was watching his weight in the show which didn't happen at all in the movie!).
And so to conclude all I felt we have in this is a mixed up bag.
 We were left in the end with a beautiful Victorian setting and costumes, an intriguing mystery that sadly began to feel pointless by the hour, a dash (but not enough) of Mary or Molly, a little cussing, violence - at times extreme, a pretty big dash of Moriarty (that screen time should have been replaced with more of Molly and Sherlock together),  and also a few very good moments that showed us the heart of Sherlock - as we love him, not a drug addict who is becoming insane, but as a man, a human, who only has one friend - John, and is just trying to discover why he was put on this world.
If The Abominable Bride is any indication to how season 4 will be though, I certainly will not be satisfied with it at all!

Bad content: Moriarty acts gay (from what he says you can make that out), d**m is used about five times (I didn't count but it wasn't a whole lot), h*ll about three, and b***ard once. Violence includes a woman and man both shooting themselves, a fight scene, as well as creepy images.


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