Five Things I've Learned About God and Myself Already This 2016

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1. My hectic life can't be blamed on anyone but myself
There have been many things going on and boy has life been hectic! Teaching school and doing my own work, keeping up Saved by Grace, reading books in need of review, etc, etc. This year, this 2016, has already been almost more then I could handle sometimes.
I once read in Christy and Todd The College Years from Robin Jones Gunn that our gifts won't drain us mentally, (the quote from Todd was something to that extent). Christy was contemplating whether or not she should stay at the orphanage and continue her schooling there, but was feeling drained when Todd told her this. She loved her job but realized it was too much - what she loved was draining her.
This is undoubtedly me. I have taken on too much, and it wasn't that anyone pressured  me to do it or anything I particularly felt God saying to do - I just did it because I assumed I should be.
This means a lot of soul-searching for me these past couple of days!

2.  I haven't given everything to God
I thought I had - I thought I'd offered up my life and said, "take it all and do with it what you will." I guess really I had held back pieces I wasn't willing to part with. I didn't realize it until two days ago when I spent some time praying after realizing number one on this list.
I'd held things back like my writing, this blog, and teaching my siblings their schoolwork. Three things I love and three things I wasn't willing to be changed. It left out room where I think God wants to work, and so slowly (and it's hard) I'm throwing it to Him because the burden was just getting too much.
It's amazing to have that weight off!

3. Praying every day is a must!
I've started this book called Christian Character in my school, and I realized that I need to be more faithful in praying. I had slacked off a bit over the year and didn't pray regularly. I'm not perfect, but I can say I've been taking lots more time to pray and I can see the difference in my life!

4. It'll be nice to graduate
On a lighter note - everyone is asking this: "So are you graduating this year?" At first I (as the saying goes) would beat around the bush.
Now I CAN say, technically I have one little one semester left but yeah, this year I'm pretty much done.
It'll be refreshing (no matter how much I love school, and I honestly do), to try new things in life and focus on a bunch of things I haven't had time for (like writing!).

5. Pray when you can't sleep
This is something I never considered before but have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and just couldn't sleep? This has happened to me a lot recently, and to the point where I felt like it was ten in the morning then three. My Dad told me something I'm trying to take to heart - when you can't sleep, pray for people that come to mind.
This isn't exactly easy when you may be awake but your brain certainly isn't, but I have been trying it and I've realized that actually a couple times I've heard from the people a couple days later and they were going through things a couple hours after/before I'd begun praying.
This has happened like about twice but I've seen that, wow my prayers really do matter and those people coming to mind are brought there by God!

So what have you learned this 2016?

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5 of your thoughts

  1. Praying when you can't sleep is life saving. I can easily relate to most all of these. :)

    Allie D.

    1. Yes it is and one of the greatest comforts when you're laying awake with SO many things running through your mind!
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. This post is amazing.<3 I'm so happy God is opening and revealing to you all these wonderful truths! I must give a resounding amen especially to number one and three. Beautiful post, Kara (!!!!)

    1. Thank you Nameless Writer!!!! I'm happy He is has well! For so long I tried to "dance" around what He was telling me, because I didn't want to admit to myself that I had brought my hectic life down on myself or that I hadn't given everything to Him. However, when I did, it made so much difference in how I viewed my life and my walk with God!

  3. How wonderful. It's great that you're learning so many things in this new year, Kara. The moment we stop WANTING to learn, is a very bad thing indeed. We should always want to and strive to keep learning lessons.

    Congrats on your graduation. That'll be amazing. :)


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