Got Prayer?

7:33 AM

Hey everyone!
I haven't done one of these posts in some time and thought I'd ask - does anyone reading this need prayer? I've dedicated a board on my wall to prayer requests, and my New Years Resolution (I guess you could call it) was to pray every day for people that come in my life. I'd feel very happy and honored pray for each of you who drop by Saved by Grace from time to time!
I love all of you readers, and I know that at many times in our lives it can be comforting knowing that someone out there wants to be a prayer warrior for you, and I want to be one of those people!
So how can I be praying for you? Please, please, comment below with your prayer request! If you don't mind, I'll have your name as well as your request on my board so I can go "stalk" your blog or whatever and ask how you're doing in a few weeks. =)
So comment away with your prayer request - thanks so much!!! ♥

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