If I Run {A Book Review}

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Pages: 305
Publisher: Zondervan
Publishing Date: 2016
Stars: ***** Five

If I Run (not to be confused with the teen book If I Stay) is about Casey, who never dreamed she'd be in this situation, never dreamed she'd be accused of murdering her best friend. But she is, and she's chosen to run - she fears it's her only chance at survival. Her DNA is all over the crime scene and she suspects deep down that the cops aren't going to help her - not with her suspicions of a few of them being completely opposite of who they say they are .
PTSD Dylan is hired to find Casey, and he's determined to redeem his name from war-weary and and broken. As he digs deep into the case however, trying to find any clue's to where Casey has disappeared, things begin to not add up and point from Casey to elsewhere.
But if Casey isn't the murder why did she choose to run, and if she didn't kill her best friend - who did?
This is an amazing, fast paced story that is topping many of the suspense books like this I enjoy! I've read one other book by Ms. Blackstock and oh my - all fans of suspense gather here and buy If I Run - you will not be disappointed!
The story is written from Casey and Dylan's point of view (switching every few chapters between each of them). Hardly, if ever, do you see me reading stories like this, (it's one reason I didn't like the Hunger Games because it leaves out room for other characters' development), but this time, for this book, I'll let it pass because it worked so well.
You never get too many hints at the murder either, and though I did begin to suspect who apparently did do it toward the middle/end, I began to suspect it right along with Dylan.
The writing style is highly realistic and I love it! My heart was literally pounding by the time I had reached the last chapter,  and I could not put it down - I read it in a day and a half.
While some may suspect romance in this book there isn't any, which is a refreshing change for me since I love reading out of the ordinary and trying things authors normally don't. Having no romance fit the book, and I couldn't believe the ending of the story - two more books to go and I am excited for to see how this story will turn out!!!
It ended perfectly and how it should - with enough mystery to keep you guessing and suspense at what is to come, but with also some closure for Casey.
An A+ book that I HIGHLY recommend to anyone!

Thank you Litfuse for giving this book to me for free in exchange for doing a review - I highly appreciate it!

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  1. Ooh this looks like a good book! (and it's on order in my library system, which never happens, and which makes me happy, haha) On hold now...I'm the 12th person in line!


    1. No problem - I'm glad my review was helpful!
      We rarely get decent Christian books in our library that I love, so that's cool your's is getting If I Run!
      If you ever want to chat about the book after you read it I'd love to!


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