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At an early age my father, who loved his family very much, as well as the people in his church and community, passed away when I was twelve.  I became angry at God wondering, how He could love me and take my father at such a young age.  I tried alcohol for the first time and athletics filled the void and emptiness for a while. However, the questions in my heart to God were still there.  No matter how many games I won, the losses were still there and they seemed more than the victories.
My mother was a wonderful person, who, when dad’s death came, turned to God for the answers when she had four children to raise.  (Not to mention one who was very hyper and at times took out his frustration on his mother).  She still loved me even though, and shared the love of the Heavenly Father to her children and all those around her.
After leaving home and looking for answers, alcohol appeared to be the answer.  But the next day the high is over and life’s problems are still there.  I remember feeling like I was at the bottom of life and who would care?  No one seemed to understand, and I felt as though no one cared.  
I  went to see an Air Force recruiter who shared to me about a relationship with Jesus Christ.  He later told me this was his recruiting strategy God had given him to reach young people who needed Christ.  And I had the appearance of one looking for help.
After getting into the military in 1987, I got assigned to Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan.  When arriving in Okinawa I was told to try out for the base football team, which was a popular sport in Okinawa.  I tried out for the team and was given the position of tailback.  My comrades in the military were happy I made the team and looked forward to our first game.  We won on a last second touchdown run I was given near end the game.  I felt as though my void was filled. I thought,  “now I’m playing ball again.  Now I have a purpose!!”
Upon leaving the field that night, a guy who I worked with shared of  his love for Jesus Christ.  He told me that sports are only temporary and the win may only last a week - next week’s loss removes the joy from this week’s win.   He also told me without Christ in your life nothing will fill the emptiness that God has for each of his creation.  We were created to fulfill his purpose in this life.  And Christ died for our sin that we may be forgiven for all we have done wrong.  He also said in two weeks everyone will forget this win, and all you have to do is lose.  He said all lose without Jesus Christ.
Two weeks later I tore my Anterior Cruciate Ligament in my knee and never played football again.  God began to open  my eyes to see my need for Jesus Christ. It wasn’t until  a year later I went to Jim Mcdonald's house and responded in faith to believe in Jesus Christ.  The seed he planted was watered by God, and my eyes have been opened.  The blind man is able to see.
I believe God wants our eyes opened to see our need to follow the Lord through these tough times.  His purposes will be fulfilled if we trust in him.  Now I know God has been with me through life and when dad died. He understood the death of my father because he sent his only Son to die for all to see this great salvation only he can give us.  And through this death he gives life not just today but for eternity. What a blessing for each of us to know the Savior and to trust in him!!!  There is nothing that we face in this life that God will not give us freely his Amazing Grace to walk through.  He has for me!!!

Hey readers, Kara here! I want to thank my Dad for putting his testimony on my blog (even though he doesn't even realize he did haha). He wrote this testimony and I had it in google docs for awhile now, but decided that it should be a part of my Real Stories. Real Faith. 
He fails to mention a lot of things that happened in his life between and after the military - like the incredible way he met my Mom, how many times he could have died but didn't. From memory I could tell you so many stories that he's told me and my siblings over the years.
For instance, how he met my Mom. When she was just eighteen and before they even went out together or even new each other, my Mom felt that she would marry my Dad. She had no clue who he was at first - just a random guy sitting in front of her at church. 
Now my Dad is the pastor of our little church and shares the gospel with hitch hikers whenever possible. He has six children (they're pretty amazing but I'm being biased ;), and (along with my mom), home schools us. 
So I hoped you enjoyed this post and if you want to share your own testimony please e-mail me at
Have an amazing weekend readers! 

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  1. GREAT story! thank you dad, kara, for me this story is both encouraging and powerful in its own way. <3 amen and amen

    1. I will tell him what you said! He didn't even know I posted it but I told him last night. :D


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