The Little Girl in Me

8:01 AM

Picture taken by me back in 2013 or so

After coming off the big hill across the street (snow in my boots and in my hair - I'd just been sledd riding), I realized how much in my life has changed as I've grown and what small things have stayed the same.
No longer do I whisper to Korin about monsters I'm afraid are under the bed, or do I entertain the thought of evil Disney villains in my closet. No longer do I dream of running away to a foreign country and becoming a spy or a princess in Britain. No longer do I watch Barney and sing and dance along or go to Mama and Daddy's bed when I'm afraid of bad dreams.
Things have changed...but still some things probably never will. There's still a little girl inside of me, the person I use to be that is still very much there in my heart and mind. She keeps me who I am, is the Kara who is never going to let me officially grow up.
There's a piece of me that will never reach full maturity and I think that's a good thing. I like that.
 There's the part of me that still loves running barefoot across the brown grass in the height of summer; the part of me that loves diving into a cold river in the summer, and my big imagination that involves strange fantasy worlds are here to stay. I still dance to music like no one is watching, perfect my horrible southern accent (Southern people are so lucky...), and I love standing in the rain getting soaked to my skin.
I still ask dumb questions, have my random moments, and I'm terrible awkward (which seems to come around more often the older I get). But that's OK. It's how God made me and I'm willing to accept it.
I think we need to keep it simple, to not get too caught up in our new-found adult lives. Being a responsible adult is important and making mature decisions is a must, but we shouldn't forget the things we use to love, the simple joys, the times we loved as young kids. Oh the times when making friends were easy and all I had to worry about were skinned knees and trying my best at skateboarding.
However, I think the little girl in me, the Kara who has a big imagination and loves kickball, the girl who still catches fireflies and goes sledding, she isn't going to go away anytime soon. And that's not a bad thing.

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