The Happy Tag {With a Fangirl Side To It}

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Hola readers!
I was tagged the "Happy Tag" by the lovely S.F! Thank you!
So technically what you're supposed to do is list your favorite things that make you happy under the following categories - this should be fun!!! I've add a bit of fangirl to this so you've been warned....

The Christy Miller series from Robin Gunn is definitely a happy place for me! I could go on about this series for hours....It makes me cry by the time I'm on The Married Years - I'm not lying, I've cried every single time!

The Giver Quartet has been a new science fictionish series for me I've been in love with since last summer, when I had to read The Giver for High School. Highly recommend both the movie and book!!!

The Narnia Series....such a big part of my childhood.....

Here to Stay from Melissa Tagg (l♥ve her books!)



I had my doubts about this show from day one (I'll go ahead and admit it to anyone who asks). You probably saw my first post, and how I was a complete downer about Merlin BBC. BUT it did get better and I DID enjoy it by the time we were in season 3. Thankfully my mom and sister didn't let me skip ahead to season 5 or I would have been so confused it's not even funny. (All you fans would understand that - I mean how confused would I be if I watched season 1 and 2 and then skipped to season 5?!!!).
Aw but I love Merlin now.... such a good family friendly show and not as cheesy as time passed and it got later on! And MORDRED - loved him! Yes, I'm a Mordred fan. And proud of it.

Everyone knows I'm a HUGE Robin Hood BBC fangirl (it doesn't take much but a look at Pinterest and see I had a Robin Hood challenge a few years back). I've seen the show about five times and counting and it made me fall in love with BBC!!! GO GUY!

The Lord of the Rings is probably one of the greatest fantasy trilogies out there! I could cry by the credits of Return of the King so much - especially now that I saw all the Hobbit right along with it!
And just that picture of Boromir.... I think that Lord of the Rings defines sacrificing yourself for a cause bigger then you are!

The Hobbit.... just mentioned it above. It's the first movie series I could have actually sobbed in! Another person I'm a fan of that not many people are is Tauriel. She was such a great addition despite all the haters out there!

The Giver I mentioned above but it's worth mentioning twice. I know a lot of people didn't like the movie adaption, but despite the fact I'm a fan of the book I'm also a fan of the movie. For me it did it justice!
I loved Jonas, I loved the plot, I loved the music - everything was just so good!

Pride and Prejudice.... an all time classic. And it's the old version I love. Not Kiera Knightly. Am I the only one who really doesn't care for that version? AND who can compete with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy? Other then Richard Armitage of course....

Sherlock has been a new BBC show for me that I really enjoy. It's has it's moments.... I skipped a Scandal in Belgravia, all the scenes with Moriarity (yes, I don't like him), and anything I didn't want to see. That being said, then I can watch the show. I'm just not one who can sit through a lot of stuff I'm not comfortable with.....
That being said - I'm so looking forward to season 4 and seeing Mary and John's baby (providing the baby doesn't die like I think it does in the books....)

Freshly mowed grass
Fresh Basil
The mountains after is rains
New books

Not Backing Down from Blanca
Brave from Moriah Peters
Run Wild from ForKingandCountry
Dare You To Move from Switchfoot



Hugs from friends (Naomi - my pen and e-mail pal - whom I WILL BE MEETING IN 7 DAYS will be getting some from me soon!). There will be a post of pictures in two weeks of our meeting!
Which leads to the next one....
Meeting and seeing old friends. ALYSSA will be getting hugs too in July!!!!
Watching BBC
Reading suspense novels
Riding my bike through the country

Talking on the phone with friends - couldn't resist the above picture!
Letters in the mail
Comments on my blog (love them guys!!!!)

So I tag anyone who loves a tag - and I tag YOU! So if you're reading this consider yourself tagged.
Have a lovely start of your weekend readers!

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