The Tower

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The tower is dark and its blackness closes me in, suffocating me. It presses down, keeping me blind. Not even a little light filters in through this tower of stone, not a window to offer freedom.
The ground feels hard beneath me and I've lost track of time. I've been a prisoner for so long that I don't even remember the exact day I was captured. I do know I was lured slowly in, the monster earning my trust. Before I had my bearings the great door slammed shut and I was captured.
I assume it will be forever.
I assume that there is no hope in this living nightmare.
Iron chains keep me a prisoner even more so in the darkness. There's a door somewhere in this tower but where I know not. I just know that if the chains were ripped away then, and only then, would I be free.
But I'll never be free. 
Because I can't take these chains off alone. I can't even life them, the weight is too much.
I bare many scars and some are still fresh, Each one comes from the monster that threatens to take my life and mocks my pain.
I hate him.
And I'm bound to him.
But this isn't the end of my story. In on of the blackest of days the Prince comes - the one who promised to one day come for me. He is the only One who knows that I am in trouble for I hid my sorrows well before I become prisoner.
And He loves me anyway.
He rips off the chains and holds out His hand. I just need to take it and I will be free.

Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is the slave of sin. John 8:24

Each and every one of us have been in The Tower. The Tower effects each of us differently. That Tower is when we hide in our sin and the chains are our sin. The captor is Satan, the scars are the many mental and physical hurts we've endured in the world, and the Prince is Jesus.
The prisoner in this particular Tower had told no one that she was hurting and one day it completely consumed her. She felt like she could never escape and saw absolutely no way out.
Then her Prince came for her as He always said He would. He reached out His hand and all she had to do was take it. That's it. 
This is the big moment. Will she take His hand? 
Honestly we all know that she should. It's a bit obvious. She's hurting and a captive - He's her rescuer. 
The Tower is very much a real place. When we end up there it isolates us, and make us feel as if no one understands what we're going through.
Jesus already died on the cross for our sins. He already ripped away the chains and says that they hold no claim on us. 
We just have to take His offered hand.
For so long I walked through life holding Jesus's hand, but I wandered right back to the tower. I let go of the One who made me.
The chains of sin had no hold on me anymore yet still I sat there. I waited for someone to rescue me. I wanted to be free.
And the Prince was already holding out His hand. He was ready and waiting for me to come back but I didn't retake the offered hand.
Not for a many days and some long months.
Each and every one of us are given a gift - the gift of freedom from the darkness that holds onto the world. It's a gift that came with a price for the Giver but not for the taker (us). We just receive and follow.
The question we need to ask in the darkest of moments when we've wandered back to the doorsteps of the tower - are we willing to take His hand, for Him to overcome our biggest fears and wipe us clean of our darkest sins?
Are we ready to jump up and be rescued from The Tower? 

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. John 8:36

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  1. Hmm...that was a very captivating way to make your point Kara! Great job!
    Also, I just gave you the Top Ten Villains Tag if you think it looks fun!

    1. Thank you for the sweet comment and for the tag - I love doing these and it looks great!


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