Five Books And Movies I'm Excited About This Summer

7:57 AM

1. Ben Hur 

I don't know if this movie will be any good but quite frankly I'm terribly excited - so I hope it meets my expectations! I adored the 1950s version of Ben Hur when I first saw it last summer, and I'm hoping that the latest installment will be just as clean with the same theme of forgiveness. I saw it's rated R for violence so I guess we'll just have to see how that goes, but I have high hopes since it seems to be made in the "Christian realm" of movies.
I'm not one for Roman times movies but for some reason Ben Hur is just one of my favorites.  Yay for remakes of old movies!

2. Finding Dory

The child in me says this is the movie to go to theaters and see this month! I love Finding Nemo growing up and dreamed of seeing it in theaters - now I'll get my chance to see Dory instead. I've seen a lot of the trailers and promos and it looks really cute and funny and all that my child-hood self would have wanted.

3. The Legend of Tarzon 

OK so we go from Ben Hur to a cute kids film and back to the adultish realm.
I watched the cartoon dozens of times and this one looks...well different. I'm eager to see if it will be a decent film but quite frankly I don't have my hopes as high for it as the first two on my list. While it's note rated R like Ben Hur this is a romance so one has to be cautious when going the secular route.
It does look like a fun movie, a bit dark, and since it's not Disney I don't know what to expect.

And the CDs....

Skillet "Unleashed"

Readers, this. This. THIS.
This is the CD I have been waiting to come out for forever! Actually I didn't know it would exist this August until two weeks ago, but I was hoping for some new music all year from this amazing rock band.
Already their new song Stars is completely mind-blowing and very much a worship song, and then we get a complete switch up with Feel Invisible.
I'm beyond fangirling - I can't wait!!!!

Switchfoot "When The Light Comes Through"


I'm pretty excited about these guys too! It's been wayyy too long for both Skillet and Switchfoot since they each released a CD back in 2013.
 I loved watching an official music video from the Switchfoot recently and just being able to listen to them again this summer is going to be so much fun.
I don't know what to expect since I haven't been able to "keep up" with them as much as Skillet, but anything they put out is bound to be good!

What movies and music are you excited for this summer? Have you heard of any of the ones on my list?

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4 of your thoughts

  1. I am really curious about the new Ben Hur movie as well, though I am not as excited for the R rating for violence. I'm just really squeamish when it comes to violence but I love the 1950s movie...yet to read the book though! Maybe I should get on that, eh?

    Oh, oh, I can't wait for the new Switchfoot album! Do you know they are touring with Relient K this fall? It's like my high school days are converging upon me once again. Speaking of Relient K, have you heard their newest album? It is so good and very reminiscent of their earliest albums. :D

    Dani xoxo
    a vapor in the wind

    1. Yeah, the R rating made me a little upset, though nowadays I struggle in seeing the different between PG-13 and R since both can be just as bad when it comes to violence, nudity and language. I want to read the book too! It sounds really good.
      They are?! How neat!!! I haven't heard much by them but what I've heard I've really liked. I WOULD LOVE to see Switchfoot in tour!!!!! It's my dream. Have you had the opportunity?
      Speaking of music - do you listen to the radio station Air1?

  2. Tarzan, while entertaining and fun, isn't my favorite Disney movie, so I'm not wild about this live-action film. But I DO plan to see it at some point, and perhaps it'll be one of those films that takes me by surprise! I didn't know Bun-Hur earned an R-rating, but given the level of brutal violence displayed in the trailer, I'm not in the least surprised.

    Fun post, Kara!

    1. I'm not a HUGE fan of the movie Tarzan either, yet I always loved seeing live-action films in the jungle so that's probably due to why I'm excited. Like you I didn't know Ben-Hur was rated R either until I saw it on a parental guidance thing while trying to find who played Ben Hur. I agree - the violence made me guess a higher then PG-23 rating as well.
      Thanks for commenting!


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