The Antique Things {A Two Pictures Post}

7:38 AM

They're not the best but I'm working on lightning and all that stuff. I enjoy taking pictures of my antique Polaroid camera however and Kailin is just so cute, so I did a teeny shoot with her.
The camera was my grandmother's when she was younger and I've wanted to buy film for it for ages but really don't feel like spending the money.
So there's your little post of your Monday. I'm having less time to concentrate on longs post these days, the garden keeping me busier then I'd prefer, and I'm hoping to post more pictures sometime soon!

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    1. I also forgot to say that I nominated you for the Wisteria Writer tag on my blog, if you're interested. (I don't know if you do tags or not ;).

    2. Aww thanks! Super excited to do it!

  3. Oh! That looks like the old Instagram logo! I never knew this kind of cameras existed!
    These are cute, and I'm sure it'll look really nice in future pictures!
    Ironic how you're taking pictures of a camera, huh? :)

    1. It is old - I think bought in the early 1970s, and you can buy them at antique stores sometimes. I haven't seen many around. ☺


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