My First Week of My First Job

7:30 AM

Hola readers!
Today I hand in my time sheet for my first week at Parks and Rec. I am an official leader's assistant and it's been a beautiful time to minister and love on kids. I'm told I can't talk about religion but God's bring up chances to speak life, and some of these kids probably don't have a lot, and it's been a wonderful opportunity to shine Jesus' love in a dark world.

The first day I was super nervous, but not as much as I had been during training, and it was all good. I've been stepping out of my comfort zone more then ever, and a little fun fact for all your's day: Remember when I said I have no guy friends and wished I was around guys a little more? Almost all my coworkers but ONE is male, so that has been very interesting. I laughed a little inside when my supervisor told me, because I felt (that at the time of writing my last Kara's Confessions) God had just been smiling down at me, saying, "you'll see...I've got this."
I do realize now that it's not as easy to become friends with a guy as a young adult as it was at ten years old. But then wasn't it so much easier to make friends in general at a young age?
The one thing I love most about my job however is the kids. I forgot how much I love being around kids as my siblings have grown up to ages where they're independent and don't rely on me quite as much.

Yesterday I think was one of my favorite days. A little girl came up to me asking if I'd like to hula hoop. I thought we'd be doing the normal stuff, but instead she turned it into a dance routine and had me twirling the hoop in the air, jumping through it and throwing it behind my back. We did all sorts of tricks and the routine she made up completely in her head, blew me away. She may only be in third grade but she knows her dancing and I didn't care who was watching me. I was enjoying time with this girl who may not get the attention at home.
We did the routine over and over for at least half an hour, the summer sun beating down on us, sweat pouring down my face, and I loved every minute of it. This is why I applied for the job back in the spring - not really for the money (OK, maybe a little bit for the money), but because of what I was going to be doing. It beats Chic-Fil-A any day!
Some of the kids consider themselves my buddy and  they give me a hug when I come up.  I have two nicknames, "Kara-kite" and "Bookworm", the first coming from my coworker so the kids could remember my name, the latter from a girl who didn't like Kara-kite.
Together, we've had four square games, connect four tournaments (they love trying to beat me), and WAR games one after the other. It's fun, it's not terribly hard even in the heat, and I love every minute. It makes up for any of the awkward moments. It makes up for spending my summer mainly without my family. It makes up for having to get up at five thirty in the morning. All of it is worth it to see the smiles on the faces of fifty some kids, to hear their laughter when I mess up in a game, to see their happiness despite what's going on in their lives at home.

It's not all perfect though.

At times the kids fight, hit each other, or name-call with names my parents wouldn't have let me say in a million years. However, God's teaching me how to let go of control, how to place everything in His hands when it get's hectic, when I have six kids all wanting something from me at one time and when a parent is standing in the background ready to sign out their child.
It's a beautiful thing because that little girl's smile, her hula hoop moving in the warm breeze as she calls out orders to me, shines above that all, and I'm privileged to take part in it.

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  1. I'm so glad you got that job! It sounds wonderful and so perfect for you. ♥ God bless you as you serve and shine His light! You go girl!

    1. Aww thank you S.F - it's been amazing so far and I love your support!!! <3

  2. It sounds like you are really enjoying it!! Take every opportunity to tell the kids about Jesus and be a light to them in everything you do. God bless you, Kara!!!!!!

    1. God bless you too, Hannah!!! I certainly will!

  3. This sounds like an amazing opportunity! Especially to see God giving you opportunities to share hope, even when you're not meant to talk about religion. God isn't limited!

    And I like the story of the dancing hula hoop girl. I'm pretty sure we all need someone like that in our lives. It sounds like you're going to have an amazing summer! (Is it a summer job?) I'm looking forward to hearing more about it. :)

    1. It has been an amazing opportunity and you're so right - God isn't limited! When I'm doubting and feeling stressed I really need to soak in that truth.

      Yes, it's a summer job so I'm only going to be working there for a little over a month, and you're right - we need a little hula girl in each one of our lives!! She always brings a smile to my face. <3


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