Kara's Confessions #5 |Rings, Ricky Ricardo, and Rambles|

7:47 AM

Hola readers!
It's been awhile since I've written more of my confessions, so I thought I'd start #5 - all of you seem to enjoy hearing what I have to confess and I love writing these things, so plan on seeing them around for awhile....

  • Sports are okay and when I was younger I loved the idea of playing for a soccer team, but honestly over the years I'm not into sports as much as I once was. I enjoy hanging out with friends and family and playing COW or baseball, but honestly I don't see the point of watching guys with a football ran around a field and try to kill each other haha. I'm sorry to all those football fans (including those in my family), but I just can't get into it no matter how hard I try. As nerdy as it sounds, I'm a huge chess fan...

  • Honestly when I a lot of people wish they could go back to being younger, I don't feel that. I loved growing up with my siblings, I miss holding my baby siblings, watching The Andy Griffith show everyday at twelve o'clock every afternoon, reading American Girl books (especially Molly), and riding in the back of my dad's truck when I was super little. But being little, actually being that age and going through the emotions again, that I wouldn't want to go back to. I spent so many days crying, depressed and angry at God and my family, those feelings I don't want to every revisit and so to go back to my childhood would be to revisit those days. However, to go back and talk to my younger self - THAT I would love to do. I'd love to sit Kara down and have a chat with her, to let her know she's beautiful and loved, that God has a plan for her. This is why I now have such a passion for reaching out to girls - I want to be there for them, be the person that I needed when I was younger. 

  • Country music get's on my nerves. I'm sorry all those who love this music....but I just don't. I can tolerate it to a point if it's Tim McGraw or The Band Perry, but other then that country music (namely the lyrics) bother me. I don't see a point spending my time listening to a bunch of sad guys singing about their lost loves as they guzzle down beer. It's just so pointless. However, I'm a HUGE HUGE fan of NeedToBreath and Third Day, so that's about as country as I'll probably ever get. 
  •  I'm a HUGE HUGE fan of rings. This will also surprise all those who know me well because just last year I wasn't a fan of them and now I wear them all the time. I have two that I especially love that my Meemaw gave me and they're really special to me, which is what got me into wearing them at all. 
  • I love 40s antiques! I used pretend I loved old, old, antiques, but honestly I love anything from the 40s. 

  • And since we're on this topic: I collect old cameras. Especially Polaroids! 

  • I enjoy ranting and raving when I'm worried, need to get my thoughts in order, etc, and my poor family has to be the victim of these episodes. I also ramble when nervous...which was also a mild embarrassing thing for me in a job interview last week...

  • I enjoy attempting to box. It's not pretty, I get my information out of a book, but I really want to learn self-defense 

  • I have a fictional crush on Ricky Ricardo. Random, but true, embarrassing, but true. I don't get fictional crushes on a day to day basis...fangirling isn't very adult...but I'll confess, Ricky is the whole reason I began watching I Love Lucy a few months ago. 

Do you relate to any of my confessions? Let's talk!

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11 of your thoughts

  1. FOOTBALL, RINGS, RAMBLING, BOXING. I can relate haha! For boxing try a few youttube videos! Those are fun. LOL i have watched a movie just to watch one of my favorite actors. Didn't love the plot but watched it for them! HAH

    1. I should try a few youtube videos and I've thought about it - thanks for the reminder!!!

  2. "honestly I don't see the point of watching guys with a football ran around a field and try to kill each other haha." PLEASE THANK YOU AND AMEN

    LOL That rant picture! ITS LITERALLY MY LIFE. ME. AAHH

    I love these confession posts, Kara! :3

    1. Aww thanks! I love writing them!

      Haha, I'm glad I'm not the only one with those thoughts about football - we're not alone. ;)

    2. I'm totally with you on the thoughts about football as well- I've never quite understood it. xD

    3. Haha, you're not the only one!!!!

  3. OKAY, so, Kara. We sound so much alike! Your second point, is so me, and Ricky Ricardo is awesome! I love his accent, and how sarcastic he is! :p Great post!

    1. Aww yay, another Ricky fan - do you watch the show often? I love his sarcasm too and his accent is amazing!!!!

  4. Yesss. . .I so would love to meet and talk to little me! I feel the same way. Sort of like how Anne Shirley always listened to children because no one listened to her when she was younger. :) It's nice to be able to be able to empathize.

    1. YES exactly! I love Anne so much and really relate to her! <3 Plus you and I are super similar - I love how we're always relating to certain things!!!!

  5. Rings are awesome, yes. :) And ranting is pretty fun, too!



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